If you live in the Heights or Lockwood, you've probably seen the "ghetto carnival" that just opened at the intersection of Main St./Lockwood Exit/1st avenue.  Over the weekend, Mark had the "privilege" of taking a 6 yr. old girl to enjoy the rides.

After hearing Paul question the safety of those rides for years, Mark made sure to took a close look at how some of the attractions had been assembled.  Imagine his surprise when he discovered that some of the bolts from the tiny roller coaster weren't exactly flush with the ground.  Paul comforted Mark by reassuring him that those bolts are probably replaces weekly and none of them could possibly be stripped or missing a nut.

As crudely constructed as some of the rides were, Mark's biggest concern was that the carnival is about 5 feet away from oncoming traffic.  God forbid there was an accident, a car could surely go through that little aluminum fence.

Luckily, nobody was injured.  There was one minor casualty.  A kid got sick on a ride called "The Typhoon".  It's one of those rides that spins you around.  The kid almost made it to the end.  Almost.  After his projectile vomiting completely covered the ride, they made sure to hose it off before the next group of kids got on.