Can there be anything better than getting to hang out with your child all day long?  Today, my daughter, Bailey, job-shadowed me at work for a class she is taking at Castle Rock Middle School, called World of Work.

I must say I was pretty flattered that of all the places she could have gone to job shadow, she chose my job to learn about and write her report.

Today, she learned what goes into preparing to go on air for your radio show as well as what it is like to work in the sales department.

She was lucky, or maybe unlucky, enough to get some advice from Mark and Paul,The Flakes. She may never be the same.

Karen Gallagher; Townsquare Media

Bailey learned that there is more to being on the radio than just walking in, opening the microphone and being funny or talking about an artist or song.

She also learned the behind-the-scenes of everyday radio.

She learned about everything from visiting with the sales staff and learning about managing clients' advertising and building a good advertising and marketing campaign to trafficking, and no not the kind that drives around downtown.

Traffic is scheduling the commercials on air to play on the radio and also how a commercial gets produced.

I can honestly say that even though Bailey thinks being in radio is cool, she will be pursuing another avenue for her career.

When asked what she wants to be, she said a physical therapist.

Is spending a day job shadowing someone a good idea and do you think it's beneficial?

Does it really help them prepare for when they are in the real world and have to look for a job or work at a job?