Mark and Paul talked about their interactions with a "wax figure vending machine". As it turns out these machines  are called "Mold-A-Ramas" and can produce a variety of different figurines.


Here is the Mold-A-Rama in action:

Here is Wikipedia's entry on the Mold-A-Rama:

American inventor John H. "Tike" Miller is credited with conceiving a free-standing, plastic molding machine in the 1950s. He licensed his mold-making patent[5] and related technology to the Automatic Retailers Association, a vending machine company, which operated Mold-A-Rama machines as a subsidiary company through 1969. As of 2010, two US companies own and operate Mold-A-Rama machines, the William A. Jones Company in Illinois[6] and Replication Devices in Florida.[7]

It turns out Paul and Mark aren't the only ones who are fond of these machines.

The Mold-Arama has somewhat of a cult following.

This website tracks locations and user submitted photos of the machine.

This is a dedicated library and database of all known molds that were produced for the Mold-A-Rama.

A nice gallery of all the molds known to have been produced.