In case you haven't heard, the Redneck Summer Nationals are coming to town this Saturday to Metra Parks Grandstands! Woohoo!

My kids are completely stoked about it too!  Metra Park has this to say about this years Redneck Summer Nationals:

The Red Neck Summer Nationals is a one of a kind, must see event that combines four fan-favorite motorsports events: Hot Rod Mud Racing, a Demolition Derby, local Dare Devils intentionally rolling an old car in competition, PLUS this time we are DRAG Racing Tuff Trucks two at a time over the obstacle course!

I also happen to know that on Saturday around 1 p.m.-3 p.m., they're going to drive a big ole Monster Truck out to the west end Shipton's Big R, for kids and adults alike to get pictures with!  I'm going to take my own two boys out to see that!  They'll love it!

Of course I think anybody of any age or sex for that matter, would like that.  I'm already trying to figure out where I want my own picture taken with the truck!

Information on the show, tickets and such can be found by going to the Metra Park website at  Comment below and let me know your favorite Monster Truck or derby event!