If Paul hasn't been his usual, bubbly personality so far this week, you'll have to excuse him.  It's hell week for Montana farmers and ranchers...and the worst is still to come.

Yesterday, Paul saw a forecast for Monday night that called for a low temperature of -36 degrees.  If it gets that cold, he's throwing up the "For Sale" sign on his ranch and moving to Mexico.

Of course, Paul is not alone.  We can expect a lot of death losses from the cattle industry this weekend.  Between the snow, wind, and ice and spring calving process, ti's gonna be bad.

With 24 hours left to prepare for the next winter storm, Paul has put out the call for more space heaters.  He estimates he will need at least 200 of them to keep all of his cattle warm.  If you know where he can find big space heaters for a good price, drop him a line: flakes103@yahoo.com.