Last week, South Carolina passed a new law banning texting while driving.  Which leaves Montana as the last state left to outlaw texting behind the wheel.  Mark and Paul think it's about time we got with the program and made the roads safer for everyone.

Of course, the Flakes weren't in favor of the law that made it illegal to talk on a cellphone while driving.  We've seen research, including a recent study from AAA, that showed talking on a bluetooth is actually more dangerous for drivers than using a handheld device.

And every time Mark and Paul are driving home from work, it never fails.  They'll see tons of people talking on their phones.  The law hasn't scared them.  But texting is different than some of the other distractions that all drivers deal with.  If you're sending a text message, you are literally taking you eyes off the road.  Unless, you have a fancy smartphone like Mark's that translate talk into texts.

Amazingly, in the state of Montana, it's perfectly legal to send a text while you're driving (Paul's favorite spot to text and drive is Zimmerman Trail).   However, if you used the "talk to text" app, they can pull you over and write you a ticket.  If you're gonna ban one, you might as well ban the other.  Especially when it's the most dangerous option of the two.