Anyone who knows me knows I'm an environmentalist. Not the "tie yourself to a tree" type of environmentalist but the garden variety "if there is something that won't inconvenience me to much and save me some money at the same time I should do my part" kind of environmentalist.

To that end I across the street from the Crowne Plaza (where the Cat Country studios are)... partly because I like walking and I think that's healthy and partly because I don't like driving. The fact I use less fuel helps my wallet and yes, I feel better about the fact I'm not polluting the air as much. I also separate out my paper, plastic and glass when I throw away my trash because if we can use things more than once it saves energy and cuts down on pollution. I wear my jeans twice before I wash them... mostly because I'm cheap and lazy but hey, if I can get credit for being a good steward of the earth at the same time, then kumbayah! Today I recycled at least 4 coke cans which we'll take to the recycling center to make a few bucks.

No, The Sierra Club isn't going to give me an award for environmentalist of the year, but if everyone did what I do, we might just make the oil and natural gas the earth has left, last longer and make the air cleaner.