This week at our local thrift stores I hit the mother lode! I'm always able to find something cool here and there but this time I found a pair of Danish modern lounge chairs from either the late 50's or mid 60's. They have the signature armrest, angled legs and circular dowels in the back. Had they come complete with their original cushions (they didn't) they would have been worth anywhere between $600-$2000 for the pair. I realize that sounds insane but google vintage Danish modern lounge chairs and you'll see what I mean. I bought the pair for $10. Seriously.

A hint by the way if you find this kind of stuff from one of the leading dealers in mid-century modern furniture... if you're going to sell your mid-century finds then try to keep them as original as possible... in other words, don't strip them down and refinish them unless it's absolutely necessary. These items are much more valuable in their original condition... even if they're a little worn.

Happy Hunting!