The first day of Spring 2016 has finally come and I couldn't be more excited about it although Billings may not seem so springy off the bat.

The chances of snow are decreasing even though we may see a little more of the white stuff this week. Before you know it, temperatures will be on the rise again and shoveling the driveway will be a distant memory.

When things do heat up and stay that way, fun things are going to happen right here in the Magic City.

Spring can be an awesome time of year. Things start to green up and it feels like a fresh beginning for all.

The 5 things a love most about Spring?

  • Walking outside with no shoes

In winter shoes are obviously required just to walk the 20 feet to get the mail. Spring brings the first opportunity of the year to stroll shoe free without the risk of frost bite.

  • Short Sleeves

I am a huge fan of losing the coat and throwing on a t-shirt without the worry of a major chill ruining everything.

  • Driving with the windows down

Being cramped up in the truck after awhile gets a little annoying. Sometimes a guy just likes to cruise down the road with the windows done letting the wind flow.

  • Playing outside with the kids

I did that this weekend. All of us in the backyard playing baseball with no coats! I love that.

  • Watching everything come alive again

The grass gets greener, flowers start to grow. It great to watch things come back to life.

What's you favorite part of spring?