You could say this guy is out of his gourd!

Yeah it’s a bad pun, but ya’ gotta have some fun with this story!  There is a guy in northern Montana who has once again recaptured the state's giant pumpkin record! Everyone has to have goal right?

This year Kyle Koschmeder out did everyone else by raising a 1,168-pound gourd in his grandfather's garden in Shelby. Wonder what that soil is made up of! And what about that water bill?

The “great” pumpkin was so big that Koschmeder had to use a backhoe to lift the monster gourd into the back of a pickup truck, he then hauled it to Ronan for the Big Sky Giant Pumpkin Growers Association weigh-in last Saturday.  By the way in case you’re keeping track, the old record was 1,039 pounds.

Pretty safe to say  that Kyle is out of his gourd for growing something this big!