I threw out my trash last night not realizing that I was out of garbage bags for the trash can in the kitchen. I forgot to pick some up when I went grocery shopping this weekend. So this morning I was preparing some food to go into my slow cooker for tonight's dinner and I threw some empty cans in the trash... without a garbage bag. At that very moment I actually felt a little bit guilty because my wife hates it when I do that. My response has always been "do you want me to just leave trash on the counter?"

She and my daughter are still in California because we are waiting for her to graduate 6th grade before they move here. Even though my wife is 1100 miles away I can still hear the lecture in my head about how it makes the garbage can stinky and disgusting... in my head. I've been nagged by proxy! Poor woman didn't even do anything. Now I feel guilty about that! There's no winning.