As the father of gorgeous daughters, the word "wedding" automatically strikes fear into Paul's heart.  It's hard for any dad to watch his little girl grow up, but it's even harder when you're shelling out big bucks for her wedding.  This morning, the Flakes read about the growing number of companies that are now offering wedding insurance.

With the cost of a wedding now averaging at just over $26,000 (poor Paul), now you can protect your "investment".  The wedding insurance policies cover a number of factors that might cancel or postpone a ceremony, including weather, illness and even a change of heart.  They also can cover any problems a wedding party may have with vendors, such as photographers or limo drivers.

Considering that the average policy costs roughly 1% of the wedding itself, it's probably not a bad idea.  Especially if the wedding will be held outdoors.  However, if you need an insurance policy for your special day, that's not exactly a good omen for your life together.