I saw a kid yesterday when I was out running some errands. I had to get some stuff and saw a kid that used to play basketball for me when I was coaching. The difference between him and I is, I can still run up and down the floor and he is only about 22 I would imagine.  I didn’t say nothing…but I wanted to …for God’s sake. You know, he wouldn't run the floor for me then, and he still won’t run!

He was good too, he was a good player. But was a big kid then anyway and is even bigger now.

It’s sad how things are so much different now. With the rate of obesity such an issue- if you’re already a big person - it’s just easier to get even bigger…you see people like that and you know it wasn't just that one bad burger they ate yesterday.

We know it’s a free country and people can do whatever they want, but it is really getting out of hand with diabetes problems and all the weight issues. It’s such a touchy issue and the thing is the food now is so much better for you than it was 15-25 years ago and Americans are more educated.

We think people have lost their discipline with food. There is temptation on every aisle at the store.