October is national Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.  This is a great reason to add on to your family!  Some of the best dogs I've ever been friends with were from the shelter.  Later on, I'll tell you the story of the best shelter dog ever, Sam.

If you're looking to adopt a dog (or cat, or hamster, or bird, or fish, etc...) this month, here are a couple of tips to assure success.

  • Make sure the shelter is clean and professional, and the pets are happy.  If the cages are dirty and the animals are distant and timid, go to another shelter.
  • If you're getting a companion for a person or a pet, bring them to the shelter with you.  That way you can make sure everyone is happy!
  • Make sure you're ready at home with food, toys, dishes, a bed and more!


You want to help with Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, but you're at the max for the pets you can care for, here are some ideas.

  • Promote Adopt a Shelter Dog Month on your facebook or twitter page.
  • Volunteer or donate to your favorite local shelter.
  • Volunteer at an adoptathon
  • Share your adoption story

If you'd like to know more about shelters in the Billings area, click here!