If this arctic cold front is getting you down, look at it on the bright side.  By Monday, the temperature will be back up to 6 degrees.  As we bunker down for a brutal week of bone chilling conditions, Paul gave us an idea of how tough this weather is for local ranchers.

Out on his ranch, Paul will be working hard to protect his stock from the elements.  Cattle also need more protein in their diet to survive the harsh weather.  Paul estimates that he'll be doing twice as much work this week.

For his part, Mark will also be working twice as hard.  He's got a fridge full of Bud Light and he's strongly considering going "double fisted" today.  It's a rough life.  Mark also conducted an experiment after the show this morning.  He wanted to know if the remote start function on his truck will activate from our studios on the 23rd floor of the Crown Plaza building downtown.  We'll find out if it worked tomorrow.