After last week's court ruling that could pave the way for collegiate athletes in revenue producing sports to get paid, the Flakes want to know what you think.

Almost all of our callers said that college athletes should not be paid.  One gentlemen pointed out that the competitive balance that already favors the big conferences will get even worse if and when the biggest programs are allowed to pay their players.

Another caller suggested that revenue from marquee sports like football and basketball should go in a general fund to improve facilities and lower tuition for all students.  Imagine that, a sports program that actually gives back to the university?

Another guy pointed out that as long as state tax revenue funds our public universities, the teams should be required to recruit a certain percentage of athletes from within the state.

As for the Flakes, Mark and Paul both believe that many of the major conference athletes already get paid under the table by boosters.  And keep in mind, tuition isn't cheap.  Neither is room and board or books.  In this day and age, a full ride scholarship could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The reward the players receive is a free education.