A few months ago, the folks at Metra Park announced that they are trying to bring bigger and better concerts to Billings.  This morning, the Flakes want to know who you would pay top dollar to see.

Of course, we got a ton of calls for George Straight.  Some folks said they'd gladly shell out $100 a ticket to see him.  Same goes for Garth Brooks.  We also heard from a lady who drove to Bozeman a few months back to see Lady Antebellum.  She said they were great and she'd pay to see them again.

Another gal called into say she'd pay any price to see Kenny Chesney come to Billings.  And even though Mark and Paul disagreed, a lady called in to say she wants Brantley Gilbert to come to town.

Who did we leave out?  If there's a concert or show you would pay any price to see, feel free to drop us a line, Flakes103@Yahoo.com.