They've been covering the town like ants.  Ever since the recent hailstorm, the storm chasers have been flocking to Billings from all over the country.

Of course, the Flakes strongly suggest that you deal with a reputable local expert to replace or repair your cars or homes.  Here's another reason why.

Mitch Donahue played football at Billings West, the University of Wyoming and had a four year NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos.  When his football career ended, he came back home and launched a roofing business.

Last week, some out of town guy with Tennessee plates stole one of the vinyl signs from a Donahue Roofing truck.  Luckily, when this guy came knocking on doors, a friend of Mitch's figured out what was going on.

So here's a message to the out of town guys.  It's pretty low to steal signs and tell people you actually live here.  But it's really dumb to steal from a Defensive Lineman.  Clearly, you stole from the wrong guy.