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New Songs
There are so many new country songs coming out; I don't know which one to hate the most. Even some of the established artists are trying their luck at the new sound. They can take more of a risk than new artists, but still some of this stuff is terrible...
New Bozeman Mascot
We took suggestions this morning for what you folks thought the mascot should be for the new high school that they are building in Bozeman.
Here are some of the answers we got.
Bozeman Passers, Snow Flakes, Basket Weavers, Raptors, Frontiersmen, Bagels,
and Granolas...
Zinke Reportedly Won’t Focus on Diversity
CNN is reporting employees at the Interior Department claim that former Montana Congressman and current Secretary Ryan Zinke said repeatedly that he won’t focus on diversity, an apparent talking point that has upset many people within the agency...
Frozen Eggs
Friday night and into Saturday morning the low is forecast to be 16 degrees. Keep this in mind when you hide things for your Easter egg hunt. Things might get a little frosty. Wear your bunny fur gloves and earmuffs.
Kids Say The Funniest Things
As some of you know, I have five kids that live at home with me -- four boys and one girl. As you can imagine, there is rarely a dull moment in my house. Either someone is fighting, someone is crying, someone is laughing or someone is coming up with the next big saying. They never stop.
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, then you might have seen the "Album Challenge"  I was nominated for by Tim Giesler.
It's 10 of your favorite albums, in no particular order. And you can invite another one of your friends top play along...
Billings Woman Embezzles Nearly $400K
Q2 reports that a woman admitted Monday she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her Billings employer. Jennifer Thaw pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to four counts of wire fraud. There is no plea agreement in the case.
Thaw was the comptroller and office manager for J & S Recove…
Man Died of Natural Causes
A man found unresponsive last week outside a downtown business Billings died of natural causes, according to Yellowstone County Coroner Cliff Mahoney. 62-year-old Kenneth Looks Behind Sr. appeared to be dead in his wheelchair when medical responders arrived at Second Avenue North and North Broadway …
Billings Housing Market Up
The Gazette reports Billings is moving into spring with a strong real estate market. Home sales are reportedly up over last year, and inventory is down. Adding to the trend, homes that do go on the market now are selling faster than they were a year ago...

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