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24 Days
24 days til Christmas, can you believe it? My uncle used to say when you get older it's like a roll of toilet paper, the longer it's there the quicker it goes. Have a great weekend and stay safe.
Can’t Watch Your Kid Golf
Dumb rule. And these days with social media and using the internet, we can put pressure on the Montana High School Association. And while I'm at it, I'm going to e-mail our local TV sports anchors and try to get them to put some pressure on, as well.
Billings Crime
If you haven't heard or just choose to ignore it, crime is up in our area. It's got a lot to do with drugs and people stealing things to sell to get drugs.
What’s Wrong With Sunny and 40
TV news anchors in town are crying that there is no snow in town. Who wants that? Who wants it snowy and miserable? It just means we will have bad roads, snow to shovel, cold fingers and automobiles, no outdoor activity, high heat bills, wet dogs and boots, ruts in roads, and black road scum every…
Property Taxes
Don't forget your property taxes are due tomorrow.
You know, the ones that continue to go up the older and more used your house becomes.  Taxable value, how can a twenty year old window, roof or hot water heater become more valuable...
Thanks Altana!
Here's a picture from when I picked up a check from the employees of Altana Federal Credit Union yesterday.
Debbie Hartung made it her personal goal to get to the $5000.00 mark this year for Flakesgiving.
And AFCU has given huge donations to our event for many years...
Time For A Test
Our senator needs to take what I am calling a "lie de-Tester" test.  Jon Tester said he can't support the new tax bill because it raises taxes and burdens our children with debt.
OOPS! There goes the buzzer on the "lie de-Tester" test...
You’re the Boss!
O.K. Here's the scenario. You have somehow become the new owner of Cat Country radio. Every single thing that goes out over the air is now up to you. What kind of things are you going to do?
And I know that some will be negative and taking shots at us...

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