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Legal Weed In Canada – Unless You’re Korean
When Canada legalized weed, we heard the same pro and con arguments we're accustomed to. If you fall in the latter camp of "Weed is bad for society", you might appreciate this statement from South Korea. It seems that they are not taking this lightly and had a message to their stude…
Free Taco on November 1st Thanks to Mookie
Mookie Betts stole a base last night in game one of the World Series and Taco Bell is now obligated to give everyone in America a free Doritos Locos Taco. According to the promotion, the taco is to be claimed on 11/1 between 2 and 6 p.m. local time.
Rand Paul Comes To Downtown Billings This Sunday (10/28)
Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky is headed to Billings this Sunday to stump for Matt Rosendale. He'll be at Dickey's BBQ on Montana Ave. in downtown Billings at 10 a.m. Dickey's is a pretty small place, so even a moderate turnout might mean you can't get inside the building, but…
No Limit At Yellowstone National Park
The new park superintendent of Yellowstone park said he will not limit the amount of visitors. He said instead he will try shuttles between West Yellowstone and Old Faithful. It won't work. People want to come and go as they please and move on
The results are in. And my poll finds that people around here are sick of being polled. Quit calling us with your made up area code and robot message ladies who sound so nice. Quit calling peoples home phones.
Can We Stop Caravans Without Border Wall?
The migrant caravan continues to get closer to our border. Any way you look at it, it must be stopped, preferably in Mexico. Our country cannot let an invasion of 10,000 people cross our border and overrun a city here.

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