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Chris Stapleton Presale Link And Password
We can't wait to see this guy at MetraPark and we know there are plenty of you who can't wait to by tickets! Here's a chance to get yours early, before they officially go on sale tomorrow morning.
Top 3 Things We Miss Because Of Technology
It seems like yesterday...having a penpal, sending a letter or postcard or even remembering phone numbers by heart are just a few things that we used to do...then technology took over.
A new survey asked people to name the things that have been replaced by technology that they miss the most...
Big Mac Ring In Billings?
I like the look of fine jewelry...just not the jewelry that looks like it would make me hungry. If you want to wear a giant, gold, diamond-encrusted hamburger on your you can.
McDonald's just had a jewelry designer make a Big Mac ring that looks tasty and is VERY ex…
Who’s Spending In Your Relationship?
We've all been there...checking the account to find the our significant other bought something and now the money's GONE! It can be frustrating but who in your relationship is really the spender?
According to a new survey from Cision, we're TWICE as likely to say our significant other i…
Billings Traffic Didn’t Come Close!
When it comes to being stuck in traffic, Billings is a GREAT place to be. I know, the MetraPark area can be a struggle at times but none of it compares to what others deal with on a daily basis.
No surprise here... A story from USA Today says Los Angeles is the worst city in the world for traffi…
Riding Shotgun
Whenever I take my dog with me, he always gets the front seat. Don't know what I would do without a dog. They're the best and it doesn't take them long to get ready to go either......just kidding.
No More CD’s At Best Buy?
It's the end of an era...Best Buy will stop selling CD's this summer. It crazy! So many summer moving sprinkler pipes as a kid just to get the latest in tunes.
I remember the first CD I ever got. Restless Heart's album 'Big Iron Horses' and I got it strictly for the the song …
Snow Melters
Now that the city has brand new snow melters to use in the winter, maybe we can buy a couple giant sponges to use in the summer. That way we can collect all the rain water before it runs in the storm drains.Then we can buy a couple big air fresheners during forest fire season to clean the air before…
Camp On The Boulder
I'm not a real "churchy" guy, but I was glad to hear the news about the Camp On The Boulder. I spent a week there with other kids in my youth group in 1978. And it's one of my fondest memories from my teenage years.
The camp is a place where "faith based camping c…
Billings Icy Parking Lots
My wife and her friend went to a store and when they got out the thier vehicle, they just about fell because the ice was so slick in the parking lot. They weren't the only ones either. As they watched other people trying to walk through the lot, there were a lot of people that could barely stay…
Struggling With Montana Snow?
Since I have been back in Montana, the family and I have been staying at our friends house in Roundup which is nestled very quietly in the Bull Mountains. While I love being up there, I have struggled with one thing...getting to work.
The past few days have proved to be a bit of a challenge with all …

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