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Zimmerman Trail Opening Delayed
If Zimmerman Trail is part of your daily commute it looks like you'll be taking the long way home until sometime during Thanksgiving week. Whether or not it happens that week is dependent upon weather, but that's the earliest it will open.
MINT Film Festival in Red Lodge
The MINT (Montana International) Film Festival kicks off tonight and runs through tomorrow in Red Lodge at the historic Roman Theater. If you're into the Indie movie scene, this is definitely a cool event to check out.
Oreos: Brown or Black
If you asked me what color an Oreo was, I would say black, but apparently there are thousands who would say "brown". Brown? Really? When is the last time you saw a brown and white dog named Oreo.
5 Things I Can Buy With 31 Cents
Thanks to a tremendous refund from my former cable provider, I now hold a check for 31 cents. I can't shop at the "EVERYTHING'S A DOLLAR" store but I did find FIVE items I could pick up from Amazon with three dimes and a penny
Our Heroes
With all the hype around the Flakes trip this weekend, don't forget Sunday is Veterans day. We owe each and every one of them our eternal gratitude for their sacrifices and dedication to their country. I know I would be nothing without them and I am so grateful for your courage and honor...
Friday Fragments
We finished up our "Stop Bys" last night at Octoberfest. I learned that if you are waiting for a table there, you can get a half priced beer to sip on while you wait. They even have a menu with descriptions of all 16 German beers that they stock...
Helping Our Vets In Montana
I have no idea what demons this killer was facing or what role his P.T.S.D. played, but since tragedy is on our minds, I think it's a great time to take about the mental health of our veterans.

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