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Not One!
There are 379 high schools in Montana, 583 elementary schools, dozens of colleges and community colleges, trade schools etc. There are 10,000 or so employees in our schools and educational facilities and yet Billings could not find one who could run School District 2...
Free Tootsie Rolls
If you were offered free Tootsie Rolls over the weekend, when you were at Alberstons, Walmart, and Evergreen IGA, it was part of an annual fundraiser done by the Knights Of Columbus.
They get all of the candy donated by local businesses...
Want My Albums?
I get a lot of calls from people asking if I want to acquire their collection of vinyl albums.
No. Thank you, but still, no.
Now, some calls start with "I think these might be worth something". They're not. No.
"My (insert deceased relative here) had EVERY Beatles album.…
Bullock Won’t Send Them
Our President has requested National Guard troops to secure our southern border. Even Gov. Jerry Brown from California is sending in 400 members. Bullock will use our Guard to help with fires and floods, but not to help with the flood of drugs and Illegal immigrants storming into our country...
Royal Crown Cola
"Me and my RC, me and my RC. Cuz, what's good enough for other folks ain't good enough for me and my RC".
That was the radio jingle RC Cola used in the 70's. And I had gotten my fill of Coca Cola because I got it free while I was bussing tables at 4B's...

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