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Flakesgiving Deliveries
For those people who can't get to the Metra on Saturday because of age, disability, etc. we still have room for some deliveries. But they must be called in by 5pm Friday. If we don't have them on our list they'll have to pick one up Saturday...
Tired Of LeBron James
ESPN was in love Michael Jordan and the same was true with Kobe Bryant. I just wish there was more "stars" in their coverage.
I've heard enough about LeBron. And Kaepernick .
A Big Day Today
We had a big day today with donations for Flakesgiving. The final push is on!  The bill is $40,500.
Let's keep it rolling tomorrow. I hope the song requests are better.......
Does Your Pet Get A Christmas Stocking?
I don't have pets... But if I did you better know they would have huge stockings! I asked around my office and the overall consensus was that pets are 'kids' and part of the family.  How can you not buy the one thing that loves you unconditionally all the toys in the pet store...
This is our big week every year. Raising the money for, and then giving out 1500 complete "Flakesgiving" meals. No paperwork for folks to fill out. No list to get on. You need a meal, you get a meal.
We need a little over $40,000.00 to pay the bill...
For the 1500 meals we are putting together this year we need to raise 40,500 dollars. As of Monday we took in about $5000. As you can see we are still a ways away from our goal. I know it's early but we always worry.  Pool your money and let us know this week...

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