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School House Rock
Back when I was a kid, a couple of people had the idea to help teach kids about multiplication. They thought, if they wrote some catchy tunes about it, kids would learn. It worked.
Bob Dorough has passed away at 94. He wrote all and sang most of the original songs...
My Therapy
I find that whenever I just want a break from the everyday trials and tribulations, fencing does that for me. Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to get some therapy. Sunny, warm, just me and the outdoors. Doesn't get any better than that...
Montana Is At Good Odds For A UFO Sighting?
Here's a trip on the wild side for ya! Apparently, chances of seeing a UFO in Montana are higher than most states according to Casino.Org. They just calculated the chances of seeing a UFO in all 50 states and the Treasure State made the Top 10 list.
What Weird Sayings Have You Heard?
We had some friends over for a couple of hours last night, one of which is from Arizona and the other is from Tennessee. As we were talking my friend from Tennessee started to give me a hard time when I asked if he wanted a 'Soda' instead of calling it a Coke.
They Are Suing Us
The 3 Billings policemen who were suspended for having sex while on duty, one of them in the police car, are suing Billings. That means they are suing you.
What the hell is that all about? They are lucky they still have a job and now they are suing...
Topics Of Conversation
I took this photo out at Paul's the other day after we were done moving cows. We were just parked, checking out gopher holes and green grass, and talking about how fuel injection is maybe the greatest thing that's ever happened to the auto industry...
Grocery Store Stabbing
A Billings woman who was stabbed at a downtown grocery store Monday morning was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. The 74-year-old male suspect was arrested at the scene.
BPD spokesman Sgt. Harley Cagle described the man as a local transient...
What Did Your Sibling Do To You?
I have an issue with two of my son's picking on each other and it doesn't seem to matter what I do to get them to stop...they just keep going. It's honestly to the point of me wondering if it's just brothers being brothers or not. Regardless, it's enough to drive a guy crazy…
Body Found in Yellowstone River
Q2 reports that Yellowstone County law enforcement responded to Two Moon Park after several reports of a body seen floating in the Yellowstone River on Sunday afternoon.
Sgt. Ryan Taylor confirmed that the body was discovered at around 3 p...
Judge Blocks the Release of BPD Names
A judge granted a temporary restraining order on Monday, barring the city of Billings from releasing the names of three BPD officers disciplined for having sex with a civilian employee on city property.
The city was prepared to release the names and details of the case, but Yellowstone County Distric…
Missing Girl
The Gazette reports 12-year-old Olivia Seminole went missing from her Billings home on Monday, according to police.
Seminole, is 5-feet, 1-inch tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She is Native American with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a white sweater, black and red…

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