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Check’s In The Mail
We received these checks this morning and I hope that Fridays pile is even larger. Thanks to all of you for your help. One more day of fundraising then the work starts  Friday at 10am. See you then.
Flakesgiving Boxes
The Flakesgiving box. The actual box starts out holding bananas when it gets delivered to our local Albertsons stores. Then, they get emptied and collected and stored at the Briggs Distributing, pictured above.
This is good for us for a couple of reasons...
My Most Memorable CMA Awards Moment
Over 52 years of CMA Awards shows there have definitely been things more worthy of a spot in my memory, but for some reason Faith Hill always comes to mind. In 2006 when she lost Female Vocalist of the Year to Carrie Underwood, she had an extremely angry reaction which is ingrained into my brain...
Montana Stocking Stuffer Coming Soon
If you or someone you love is the kind of person that puts ranch on everything from pizza to spaghetti (yes, that's a real thing) then you may be interested in the new holiday edition of Hidden Valley Ranch.

As of December 3rd, you can purchase a huge 1.75 liter bottle of ranch from the Hidden…

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