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If I Were King For Just One Day
There's a song called "If I were King For Just One Day" by the Thompson Twins. and that's where the idea for today's blog comes from.
It's just a series of pet peeves that I would change by simple declaration. As I don't want to have to get it done by folks …
It’s A Ticket
Remember in Billings you are not allowed to start your car in your own driveway and let it warm up while you are in the house.  Dumb rule.
If it gets stolen, that's your own fault.  It's a free country, you should be able to warm your car up...
Got Time To Save Someone’s Life Today?
Just so you know, in order to supply our region with blood, UBS needs a minimum of 100 donors each and every day. If you've never given blood before, this could be a great New Year's resolution for you. Every donation can save the lives of three people. That probably beats most of the pres…
My December Vacation
"How was your time off?" That's the big question I got near the end of 2017 into the new year. Of course it was nice to sleep in and spend some time with family.
This picture is from Saturday near Grey Cliff on the way to Big Timber.
My vacation also included 3 funerals, catchin…
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Have you noticed how much more you eat when it gets cold?  Not your fault, it takes more calories to generate the heat your body needs.  I've been hungry for a week straight and you can hardly keep enough hay out for cows right now.
I know it will be much warmer in 20 days th…
5 Ways To Give In Billings That Don’t Involve Money
If you have that feeling of wanting to help, but your bank account isn't willing to fund your holiday generosity, here are some things you can do in Billings that don't involve money, but are extremely valuable, helpful, and needed.

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