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Get Tix: Great Lineup for Navy Ball in Billings!
Did you watch the movie Battleship with pop music star Rhianna? In the movie, you may recall an incredible wounded warrior wearing an Army t-shirt. He's a real life wounded warrior and Army Colonel Greg Gadson, and he'll be speaking at the upcoming Navy Ball in Billings.
Antelope and Women
Does anyone find it coincidental that the weekend of the Women's Expo is also the start of Antelope season; Perfect! Ladies go to the Expo and guys can get out of town and hunt. Makes for a good marriage. See ya Monday at 5.
Christmas Elsewhere
My family and I are exploring going someplace for Christmas this year. Our daughter is old enough now that she suspects that Santa might not be real. And mom and dad are thinking about some place warm.
Have you and your family done Christmas someplace else...
Who’s Got Your Favorite Tacos In Billings
It's National Taco Day and I thought it would be a nice to give a shout out to my favorite place to get Tacos in Billings. The problem is picking a favorite. Honestly, it kind of depends on my mood, but I can definitely share my top picks:
The Zimmerman construction project is on schedule for completion Nov.12. When the project is complete, I wish it would be a no pedestrians allowed road. There is too much traffic, cars and trucks, to provide a safe route for Joggers and bikers even with the new road...
Billings Construction
Everybody who's regular commute includes Zimmerman Trail are acutely aware that the project has been going on for a long time. And on top where Zimmerman runs into Highway 3, we are getting another roundabout.
I don't know the time table but I know that there are plans to run a bypass from …
National Boyfriend Day
Since every day of the year has to be at least five different "Something" Day's, today happens to be National Boyfriend Day. According to questionable statics that litter the internet, only about 40% of girlfriends even know there is such a thing and only an even smaller percentage of…
The Scariest Ghost Movie Ever
For the record, Poltergeist did a number on me too as a kid, but The Changeling just has this campfire story quality to it that makes it more appealing. As a kid, I hated to even look at the VHS Cover featuring the creepy antique wheelchair and shadow of a child who wasn't there. Spooky!

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