This morning, Paul read about a man in Illinois who just set a world record for catching a softball from the greatest height.  One day, this guy was catching pop flies when his daughter asked him if the Guinness Book had a record for the world's biggest pop up.  He looked it up and there was no existing records.  So the man contacted a representative and is now a world record holder.

The guy in Illinois hired a prop plane to drop a ball from 250 feet.  One the second try, he caught the ball.  Paul thinks this a record that could easily be broken.  Over the years, the Flakes have pretty much done it all.  But they've never held their own world record.  What better way to cap off their 25th year on the air than to bring that world record right here to Billings.

At first, we thought we could drop a ball from the roof here at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Unfortunately, the building is only 245 feet tall.  Which leaves us with a few options:  We could convince the folks at the First Interstate Building, which is 275 feet tall, to let us drop a softball off their roof.  Or we could rent a plane.  Or maybe a helicopter.  If anybody has a  private aircraft Paul can borrow, let us know.