At Off The Leaf espresso on Grand Avenue they have this cool chalkboard for patrons to but friends, family members and colleagues to purchase drinks or snacks for each other in advance and as you can see from the picture above it's called "Pay It Forward"... like the movie.

I love this idea. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a running scoreboard for life that we'd all have access to via international database? Every time we did something nice for someone we'd bank points and every time we screwed up points would be removed. As long as you're on the plus side of the board your OK but woe be to the folks who end up in the red! Your score could be used in mitigating a sentence for committing a felony... "But your honor, he bought 3 cups of coffee and a Danish for homeless people last week". It could be used to get discounts at retailers (imagine how nice people would be to each other if they could save 30% on a bloomin' onion at Outback Steakhouse). Points could even be redeemed to get a husband a guilt free night with the boys... "I was nice to your mom last week, said your tuna casserole was yummy and rescued a lost dog, therefore I have enough points so there'll be no discussion... see you later!" A guy can wish can't he?