Now that Spring is finally here, we can find all that winter has left behind. Especially potholes. It's the inevitable result of a long cold winter in Billings. The roads begin to come apart in the freeze and thaw. No matter how much you try to dodge and dart as you drive , it seems just impossible to miss them all.

Moore Lane is one of the worst roads in town. City council recently considered additional funding and taxing for businesses along the road to attempt to make it safely passable. Potholes can be more than just difficult and hard on cars. They can kill too.

Last year in Alabama, a woman was killed when a poor patch job by a highway crew dislodged in normal traffic flow. The huge hunk of asphalt blasted out of the pothole when a car passed over it. The rock flew into and completely through the windshield of a second car striking a South Carolina woman in the head, killing her instantly. The state of Alabama paid $1 million dollars to the her relatives in compensation.

Where are the worst pothole locations in the Billings area? Leave your thoughts in the comments and we'll pass them along to maintenance crews.