This morning, the Flakes were talking about the number of people who made insurance claims from the May hailstorm and plan on pocketing the money without making his repairs.  That's when Mark dropped a bombshell:  due to some slight hail damage his house received, he is planning on re-painting his himself.

Whenever Mark does anything that requires physical labor, like eating a cinnamon roll, Paul likes to pull up a chair and watch.

So Paul came up with a great idea:  when Mark finally picks the weekend he's going to perform this chore, we should invite the public to set up lawn chairs in Mark's front yard.  Paul will sell tickets and we'll donate all the proceeds to Flakesgiving.  Not only would it help benefit a great cause, but watching Mark struggle to climb a ladder is good solid entertainment that the whole family will enjoy.

We could also take bets on how long it will take Mark to finish painting his house.  Paul has set one year as the over/under.  Get your bets in before the window closes.