The Breakfast Flakes (Mark and Paul) are known for speaking their mind.  This week with Federal and State income taxes due, the subject was taxes.  Monday, there was a group of people supporting the idea that need to pay MORE taxes, not less.  Paul responded with his opinion in a classic rant that aired on Cat Country.  If you missed the commentary, you can catch up with it now.

Paul's comments drew a few listener e-mails on the subject.  Most of the e-mails were very positive concerning the viewpoint, but there were a few not so positive.  Here's an example of one such e-mail

I am not a real regular radio listener and when I listen I expect to hear music, news, weather and an occasional comment on current or community events but I was and still am stunned by a tirade I heard on one of your stations on Tuesday morning.  The person was commenting on an article that was in the Gazette regarding a group of people who were using their first amendment rights in  support of social programs and calling for fair taxation.

One of your radio personalities chose to absolutely tear the group apart and on more than one occasion called them "b***" and viciously attack them for their beliefs.  This same individual feels very free to express his beliefs on anything he chooses but apparently nobody else has the same right.  Are there no standards in broadcast anymore.  I tuned in briefly this morning expecting this person to possibly apologize for his crudeness - but all I heard was that people were supporting his position.  I feel he owes the group and his listening audience an apology.  Is it possible your stations and employees are allowed to say anything they please?

What do you think of the listener response? Share your comments below.

The Breakfast Flakes will be back Monday morning at 5am from a short two day holiday break.