I've been spending a lot of time today looking on Facebook for comments about the U.S. led demise of Osama Bin Laden. I've been shocked at some of the responses from across the country and here too.

One thing that struck me about this whole story were the words the President spoke in saying, "killed Osama Bin Laden". I don't know that I ever heard a President be that direct in comments. Maybe it's just me, but that kind of language seems to demean the office.

Here are some of the active comments posted on Facebook

Steve L. posted

I wanna throw out my Osama Bin Laden conspiracy theory before someone else thinks of it. You see Bin Ladens been dead for about a year now. The government has just been holding on to his body. They were waiting for Americans to be at their "lowest" point. IE: bad economy, raising gas prices. And then SURPRISE!!!

Duane M. says

This is the governments only ace in the hole. They better hope it doesn't get any worse! Might have wanted to stick osama's head back into the freezer next to ted williams' dome until gas prices hit six bucks, then let this thing loose. lol.

Jennifer C. said

They have had his body for a week now, testing his DNA.

I know we have a tendency to be pretty jaded these days, but some of these comments truly surprised me. Then we have Toby Keith

"Just got cell svc back it's a great day to be American. I been tellin ya for a decade that US military would hunt down & kill world enemy #1. While traveling abroad I am blown away by the positive coverage by the world media. There IS a consensus in world media I have never seen before. Thanks to our commander in chief for having cajones to finish this job but mission is far from over."-t

Comments have gone so far as to suggest a "faked death certificate" Whatever the case, one of the questions you may find yourself being asked in the future is "where were you when the Bin Laden's death announcement was made"