Final fundraising from 100′s of Relay for Life teams is going on this week including our Townsquare Media team.  Since July 6 we have been broadcasting live for 1 hour at 24th and Broadwater.  That is the location for Summer Snow-Shaved Ice!Nothing better than shaved ice when it’s 97 plus outside!  We will continue to broadcast two more time this week out there.  Summer Snow is donating $1.00 for each item we sell on those live broadcast days to the American Cancer Society-Relay for Life.

Since we are on the subject of fundraising for Relay for Life, how much would you donate for these tasty Blow Pops or gigantic containers of Cheese Balls?  I have 4 boxes of blow pops and 2 Cheese Ball containers left!  Please leave me your comment here!

The 2012 Relay for Life is this Friday, July 13 at Billings West High School at 7 p.m.