As you may know, Paul grew up in Cincinnati, which makes him the biggest (and possibly only) Bengals fan in the state of Montana.  This morning, the Flakes called up one of Paul's old buddies in the "Queen City" to preview this weekend's Wild Card game versus the San Diego Chargers.

Not only is Cincinnati Craig convinced the Bengals will win on Sunday, he also believes that they are Super Bowl bound.  In spite of the frigid weather forecast, Craig will be at the game.  To prove his dedication, he plans on taking his t-shirt off and braving the sub zero wind chills.  He also claims that he is going to paint the word "Billings" on his bare chest.

So if you're watching the Chargers-Bengals game on Sunday, look for a lunatic in the front row with no shirt on representing for Billings.  And should the Chargers somehow manage to spring the upset, expect Paul to be crankier than usual come Monday morning.