What a sad day.  We lost America's greatest sheriff, single dad, and a lawyer all in one day.

I'll admit it, I watch Matlock, and I like it.  I get a lot of grief for that.

The Andy Griffith Show, that's another thing entirely.  I never watched it growing up.  We probably didn't get that channel in Choteau.  I learned all about Andy Griffith with my late husband, Dave.  At first I was just like really?  But then you get hooked.  I caught myself laughing, a lot.  It is such a great American program.  I haven't watched it since he died.  It's still too hard.  Yet, I think it's only fitting that it's on our minds today.

Just remember, like the picture says, Mayberry is a state of mind.  Let it creep in there once in a while.