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If your planning on traveling over the next few days be prepared for periodic snow, occasional winds, bitter cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills…Some roads throughout the region are snow packed and slick. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions including traveling with that winter survival kit.

In Billings all roads are snow covered and snow packed and are very slippery. Slow down, buckle up and take your time!

I-90 from Billings to the Bozeman pass…scattered areas of snow pack and ice with occasional blowing and drifting snow especially in the Livingston area.

I-90 from Billings to the Wyoming line…scattered snowpack and ice.

I-94 from the Billings to Custer…scattered snowpack and ice.

US-212 from Rockvale to Red Lodge and MT-78 from Red Lodge to Columbus…scattered snow pack with icy sections.

US-87 from Billings to Roundup and MT-3 from Billings to Lavina…snow cover with scattered snow and ice.