Yesterday, a federal jury found Roger Clemens not guilty of Obstruction of Congress.  They brought in 46 witnesses, discarded medical items they say were used by Clemens linked to steroid use, and used thousands of dollars in tax-payer money.  There was only one person who said they actually saw Clemens use any kind of item that could be linked to the use of steroids.

Of course, this is not over.  Now, they'll go after him for doping.  I'm nearly sure of it.

Baseball is, hands-down, my favorite sport!  Go Voyagers, Go Cardinals,... I'm working on this, uh hem... uh, Go Mustangs!  I enjoyed watching Clemens pitch very much.  I really think baseball is a beautiful sport.

Do you think he got off scott free?  How about the doping?  What do you think is next for Clemens and the entire sport of baseball?