For One Line Monday, the Flakes want to know:  "Should the federal government regulate electronic cigarettes like other tobacco products?"

We've heard arguments on both sides.  Yes, e-cigs do help people quit smoking.  But even if they are a less destructive option, they still contain nicotine.  And right now, anybody can buy e-cigs.  Legally, a 10 year old can walk into a store and purchase an addictive product.  Which begs the question, are we actually preventing addiction or encouraging it?

And the makers of e-cigs are definitely targeting a younger market.  Use of e-cigs among people ages 18 to 34 was up 22% last year.  Analysts project that sales of e-cigs will rise by another 240% this year.  Critics claim that by marketing flavors like "Captain Crunch" and "Bubblegum", more young people will be exposed to a potentially dangerous product.

Then there's the matter of of using e-cigs in public places.  Even if there's no risk of second hand smoke, are we promoting smoking when we allow it indoors?  For non-smokers, does the sight of someone using an e-cig in public bother you?

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