What's going on?

Fundraiser Provides kids beds
The idea of children being safely tucked in at night was the inspiration behind the organization's "Dream Beds for Kids Event."
Win Headwaters Tickets
We're giving away 3-day passes for Headwaters Country Jam and all you have to do to win them is guess the next festival headliner!
Soirée Star Musical Shootout Voting Page
The bands with the most votes as of June 2 will be offered a 30 minute time slot to play at Alberta Bair’s Wild West Soirée, where a panel of judges will critique each band’s performance in a “Musical Shootout.”
The band chosen as the winner of the Musical Shootout will open for the Bucky Beaver …
Montana Moms Photo Contest
May 13 is dedicated to mothers everywhere, and we want to show that Montana Moms are some of the toughest people in the country!
Send us a photo of your mother taking putting that buck in the crosshairs, hiking with the family, throwing back a few beers, riding the Harley or any other rough n&CloseCu…
Meet + See Carrie Underwood in Baton Rouge!
Wanna meet Carrie Underwood in Baton Rouge?  We're sending one lucky winner to the 2012 Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana  on May 26 and 27 to meet and see Carrie Underwood in concert!
Enter the Soirée Star Musical Shootout!
We're looking for the best bands under the big sky to perform at Alberta Bair's Wild West Soirée!
From March 15 through May 12, we'll be collecting music from bands and musical acts throughout the area.  Starting on May 16, our viewers will be able to vote for their favorit…
You Found Him!
Congratulations, you found the lucky leprechaun, and are now eligible to win a $100 gift certificate from The Granary!  Just fill out the entry form below and you'll be registered to win!
Be sure to visit The Granary's website.  Thanks for playing...
Meet + See Alan Jackson in Nashville!
Wanna meet Alan Jackson in Tennessee?  We're sending one lucky winner to the 2012 CMA Music Festival in Nashville from June 8-10 to meet and see Alan Jackson in concert!
The Breakfast Flakes: Recreational Pot Use in Colorado
A bill calling for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use will be on the ballot in Colorado in the fall.  Colorado will join Washington as the second state to propose legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  Listen to the audio to hear Paul's "advantages&qu…