What's going on?

Another Montana Must-Do
We are pretty fortunate people to be able to live in the great state of Montana. There are a lot of things to see and do. There are some pretty amazing natural features that this state has as well.
5 Cool Montana Facts
Montana is a pretty amazing state. There are some incredible things here that I didn't know until researching for this article.
Taco John's Has New Stuff! [VIDEO]
Taco John's is doing good the Billings and also has some new things for you and me! Check out the video to see what's going on.
Parents Embarrassing Kids
I took my oldest son to a store in the Heights last night when something strange happened.
The MATE Show Is Here!
Here we go! Another year of The Mate Show has officially begun and we could not be more excited about it. If you have never been, then you need to check it out!
One Wrong Step
Well...it happened again folks. I got up early this morning to get ready for work and while walking out to the kitchen in my drowsy state, I found one of my kid's Lego blocks with my foot.
5 Dinner Ideas
The best Valentine's Day gifts come directly from the heart. The ones that your significant other will sit back and just say, "Wow, you really love me."
Annoying The Mrs.
My wife woke up in a not so favorable mood this morning and I couldn't figure out why. I finally was able to get out of her what was bothering her and now I am not so sure I wanted to know. It was me.
Do You Tip On Carry Out?
Making a quick stop on your way home tonight to pick up some carry out? If so, do you tip the person that walks it out of the restaurant to your car? I feel like a jerk because I never thought of doing that.
Does This Count As Visiting?
I have flown a lot recently because of my job. In and out of California, Montana and Minnesota just to name of few. The only place that I hadn't been to before flying into it wass Minneapolis/St. Paul airport around New Years when I made a stop there on my way to Sacramento.
What Is Your Dog Eating?
It's not too uncommon to see a dog eating something that seems really strange to us...but to actually love it and beg for it is a totally different story.
Best Movie Based In Montana?
I am a big fan of movies, so when I was searching the internet I came across something interesting. Thrillist has a list of the best movies that are set in every state.
Top 3 Things We Miss Because Of Technology
It seems like yesterday...having a penpal, sending a letter or postcard or even remembering phone numbers by heart are just a few things that we used to do...then technology took over.
Big Mac Ring In Billings?
I like the look of fine jewelry...just not the jewelry that looks like it would make me hungry. If you want to wear a giant, gold, diamond-encrusted hamburger on your finger...well...now you can.
Who's Spending In Your Relationship?
We've all been there...checking the account to find the our significant other bought something and now the money's GONE! It can be frustrating but who in your relationship is really the spender?
Billings Traffic Didn't Come Close!
When it comes to being stuck in traffic, Billings is a GREAT place to be. I know, the MetraPark area can be a struggle at times but none of it compares to what others deal with on a daily basis.
No More CD's At Best Buy?
It's the end of an era...Best Buy will stop selling CD's this summer. It crazy! So many summer moving sprinkler pipes as a kid just to get the latest in tunes.
Billings Icy Parking Lots
My wife and her friend went to a store and when they got out the thier vehicle, they just about fell because the ice was so slick in the parking lot. They weren't the only ones either.