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Check Out New George Strait Songs
George Strait announced a new album is on the way. The release date hasn't been set, but the title of the album is "Honky Tonk Time Machine" and you can already check out a couple of new songs.
White Elephant Gifts
Got a Christmas party coming up? Sometimes finding the perfect white elephant gift is just as hard as finding a serious gift. Maybe it's because you want to be funny and creative, but are typically restricted to a low budget price limit.
Christmas Lights At Fuller Family Medicine
The folks at Fuller Family Medicine definitely go all out with the Christmas lights. It's been like this for a few years now, but they're still drawing a good crowd most nights.
Ride The Polar Express In Lewistown
My daughter got to take a trip on the famous Charlie Russell Chew Choo in Lewistown last night. This time of year, the train takes on a Polar Express theme and could be a great holiday memory for your family.
CMA Country Christmas Live on Cat Country
Reba is hosting CMA's Country Christmas this year on ABC 6 and we'll have the simulcast right here on Cat Country starting at 7 p.m. on Monday, December 10th.
ZooLights and Wagon Rides at ZooMontana
This is one of the few times in my life I will say this, but I wish it was snowy! They've got rides going on this weekend for those who enjoy not freezing in exchange for the lack of winter scenery, but there are plenty of rides scheduled later in the month and if you want snowy scenery, odds a…
This Seven Year Old Made 22 Million On Youtube in 2018
The difference is that these days there are no gatekeepers. Just a couple of decades ago, if you wanted your message, song, art, book or whatever to reach a large audience you had to convince a powerful group to give you a platform. Now, we all have a platform. Youtube has birthed some mainstream…
Kentucky Christmas Treats - Bourbon Balls
After doing a little survey around the station, I realized that these things aren't too popular in Montana. As a matter of fact, NO ONE I work with has ever had one. Unless you have an aversion to alcohol, I recommend you try them out this year.
Garth Concert At Notre Dame Stadium
Garth sold out nearly 5 shows here in Billings, so he's definitely got plenty of Montana fans. I thought he did an amazing job at the arena, but just like any other entertainer, he feeds off of the crowd, so the stadium shows are pretty incredible. It's a historic concert that I suggest yo…
A Christmas Carol At Nova
I was out for a walk in downtown Billings yesterday when I noticed the sign on the Nova advertising A Christmas Carol. This is my favorite Christmas story of all time. I've read the book and seen more versions of the movie than I can remember, but I've never seen a theatrical version.
Polar Express at Billings' Depot
Tonight, Thursday, 11/29/18, The Polar Express starts it's run at the Billings Depot. Tonight's event starts at 6 p.m. and then it's an all day event 11/30-12/9.
Alexa Meets Big Mouth Billy Bass
One of the most useless, but decently selling redneck hall of fame gifts, Big Mouth Billy Bass, is getting reborn as a useful, high tech smart speaker. Some nerds like me had already integrated Alexa functionality into Billy Bass a couple of years ago, but now it looks like it will soon be a commerc…
Best First Date Spots In Billings
Billings has some great spots for dates. Nice restaurants, some great breweries and bars and plenty of natural beauty in the great outdoors. First dates are a little different though. Many people don't like to go to any place too fancy for a first date and it might not be safe to go traipsin…
Women May Be Better Off Sleeping With Dogs
I saw a story today that suggests women are better off sleeping with dogs. Apparently the study found that women feel more comfort and security from their 4 legged friend than from their significant other.  There was also evidence that women who sleep with their dog have better sleep habits wit…
This Year's Noisiest Toys
Okay parents, I know you're responsible and check your reviews for product quality and safety when you're shopping for your kid, but what about your sanity? If you like to minimize the amount of noisy toys you purchase, you'll want to read this list released by The Arizona Commission…
Cyber Monday Deals
There are still plenty of deals to be had on big name electronics e.g. smart phones, game systems and TV's, but the best deals are vanishing as supplies get exhausted. If you haven't maxed out your cards yet, check the link above to see some great deals from across the web.
Have You Watched Your First Christmas Movie of the Season?
My must watch list hasn't changed much in the last decade or two, but here are the highlights: Some version of A Christmas Carol (usually George C. Scott's version, but sometimes I'll go with Scrooged (Bill Murray) or even the much lesser known Henry Winkler version), Christmas Vacat…
Delivering Meals for Flakesgiving
This is the first year I went out to do deliveries for the people who needed meals, but were unable to get to MetraPark. This was a great experience for my mom, daughter and myself. My little girl got to spend some time riding around with her dad and Gramma while learning about the real meaning of…
FDA Considering A Ban On Menthols
The Washington Post reported that the FDA was considering banning menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars because they appeal to teens.