What's going on?

Fading Away
Does anyone still send postcards?
A Slip
Paul slipped and fell on the ice yesterday. . .
Racquetball Racquet
Since I've lost weight, It was suggested to me that maybe we should get the old racquetball gang back together.
I'm Ready
It's time for me to recharge my batteries.
Under Fire
President Trump is under fire for his comment yesterday.
Color Coordinated
I see now the major home improvement stores have a color coordinated display.
Punish Them With Recess
School district 2 will consider a new policy that will allow kids being punished to go to recess.
Gymnastics School
The city council made a mistake by not letting a family build a new gymnastics school on the west end.
The Flashing Yellow Arrows
Several traffic lights in Billings have been updated with the lights that have a flashing yellow arrow.
Work Out
A lot of people join clubs in the new year so they can work out.
In A Week
Last Sunday, I had 31 below zero with over 50 below wind chill factors.