What's going on?

Cuz I'm Happy
I have always counted my disposition as such a blessing. I'm generally in a pretty good mood, and most things don't bother me.
I've had several god conversations with other folks this week about being fortunate to be where we are in life...
My Little Brother
Today would've been my brother Johns 42nd birthday. And I found this old photo from when he came to see me when I was going to college and working at a radio station. And a pizza place. And driving school bus. And playing dances on weekends...
Oh No!
The Farmer's Almanac always claimed that you could tell how bad the Winter was going to be by the fur of a woolly worm. I took this picture yesterday and I can't tell. I do know that Mark's beard is thicker than normal. It might be a bad one...
Hold on Billings
It appears to me that not one of the city administrator candidate is a fiscal conservative.
Tanya Tucker Is 60
I was going through some photos and came across my picture with Tanya Tucker, taken in Lewistown in about 1990.
1 Month To Go
I bet you thought I was talking about the Election?
As our local Great Falls, Montana expert, I want to introduce those of you who don't already know about Fluffy tacos.
Voters Pamphlet
I want to give a "shout out" to Montana Secretary Of State Cory Stapleton for doing an in depth booklet on every initiative for the upcoming election.
Antelope and Women
Does anyone find it coincidental that the weekend of the Women's Expo is also the start of Antelope season; Perfect!
Christmas Elsewhere
Have you and your family done Christmas someplace else? How was it?
The Zimmerman construction project is on schedule for completion Nov.12.
Billings Construction
So, just for fun, what else do you think we need built/changed/ or revamped for our traffic situation here?
Random Thought This Wednesday
And you're invited to join us at Casino 8 tomorrow from 5-7 pm to get signed up for the Flakestrip to Jamaica......Mon.
Vehicle Names
I saw a used RV for sale this morning with the caption "It's time for Cousin It to go!" Have you got any of your vehicles named?
How Much Time
Wasting my time is actually my biggest pet peeve. What's yours?
Testers Vote
Does anyone out there want to place a bet on how Washington D.C. millionaire Jon Tester will vote on Judge Kavanaugh?
Steve Wariner
Although I didn't bring the photo of it in, I got to meet him up at EMC when he did a show there a long time ago. Great guy.