What's going on?

Love Songs
Every single song we played this morning had the word "Love" in the title.
Parade Candy
The DBA in Billings wants stricter enforcement of the no candy for kids law at our parades.
Missed It
Saturday, I woke up and it was 27 below.
I'm A Child At Heart
Being young at heart is a blessing. I require attention and should never be left unattended at any time.
Can you imagine getting through these cold snaps without power? What a great job Northwestern Energy and The Yellowstone Valley Electric co-op do in keeping the lights on. It makes all of our lives much better. A job well done, guys, see ya Monday at 5...
Wrestling Tourney
Maybe after the all-class wrestling tourney this week at the Metra, the MHSA might consider doing an all-class football championship day in Bozeman.
Riding Shotgun
Whenever I take my dog with me, he always gets the front seat.
Snow Melters
Now that the city has brand new snow melters to use in the winter, maybe we can buy a couple giant sponges to use in the summer.
Camp On The Boulder
I'm not a real "churchy" guy, but I was glad to hear the news about the Camp On The Boulder.
Not Impressed
I guess I was expecting more during yesterday's halftime show.
So Long, Big Bear
I heard the news over the weekend about Big Bear never reopening. And it's sad news for a couple of reasons.
All Things Mexico
In case you haven't heard all of our stories about this year's adventures on our Flakestrip, I'll give you the highlights.
Only Way To Go
We flew First Class on this year's Flakes trip and it's the only way to go.
No Place Like Home
Every time we go on a trip somewhere, I am so glad to get home.
Big Dilemma
Paul has some serious decisions to make on his vacation!