What's going on?

Bay City Rollers
This goes back several years ago when Paul & I got on the topic of the band, the Bay City Rollers.
Pizza Night
Looks like Papa John's and I are friends again.
Toys R Us Closing
Time marches on and is now claiming another fatality, by closing Toys R Us.
School Protests
Now that school district 2 has established new protocol for student protests, how will they stop future violations of class attendance?
Billings area Albertsons stores have been remodeling
FHD epidemic
You people thought I was kidding when I came up with the medical term FHD.
No Mexico
The State Dept. has issued a travel warning for Americans traveling to Playa Del Carmen.
New Dishwasher
I'll take a "blog break" from looking back on 30 years here at The Cat to talk about my dishwasher install project.
High Alert
Fire departments, emergency rooms and first responders should be on high alert today.
30 years of Meeting People
Radio is a business where you meet a lot of people and I'm thinking back today on many of the really nice people that I've had the pleasure of meeting...
Wyoming is Right
The House in Wyoming has endorsed the Stand Your Ground bill.
The Cat Country Golf Tournament
Back when we started broadcasting in 1988, we did a lot of neat promotions and one of those was our own station golf tournament.
Just Fishin'
One of the many great "Happy Accidents" that's come along during our time here are the "Flakestrips".
Whenever we did remotes, emceed concerts or any public appearance in the early years, we wore tuxes.