What's going on?

Extra Day
Since the IRS computers were down yesterday, you have an extra day to get your taxes done.
Automatic Pepper Grinder
It shouldn't make me as happy as it does, but I just bought a battery operated pepper mill/grinder.
Take The Time
Attention parents, school employees, and business owners! You might want to attend the huge seminar on drug use among teens.
Not One!
Out of all the people employed by Montana schools, Billings couldn't find one to run School District 2 in the state.
Free Tootsie Rolls
If you were offered free Tootsie Rolls over the weekend, it was part of an annual fundraiser done by the Knights Of Columbus.
Want My Albums?
Lots of people want to give Mark their old vinyl albums.
The MHSA announced that it will now combine basketball tourneys.
Golf Anyone?
I think watching golf makes you want to play golf.
Missing My BBQ
I'm sorry, buddy. You KNOW how much I love spending time with you, but this snow has kept us apart.
John Conlee
If you've been listening to us lately, then you already know that John Conlee is doing a concert at the Shrine on Friday, the 13th.