You never know when you’ll need the number of a snake specialist on hand. This was proven last week in Livingstone, when a woman came home to find a rattle snake atop her dining table. The poisonous snake was in full view on the table, just rattling away the afternoon.

What did the woman do? Well she called the Livingstone Police department who then came over and shot the snake.  It all seems pretty harmless, except for the thoughts of having a rattlesnake on your dining table. Not to mention the bullet hole in the table.

But listen, it’s not unusual for snakes to be in all kinds of places. And with the dryness we’ve got going on, there’s a good chance the snake was following the scent of water and that’s how he wound up in the house.

Snakes are curious and sneaky. They’ll go anywhere. Do just about anything. Remember that song  from Tom T. Hall? It says everything you need to know about snakes.

Now according to the snake expert, whose name is Michelle Becker – she says the snake probably entered the house chasing a rodent. Which is a whole different problem for this family?

Snakes on the kitchen table makes complaining about those flies in the house anymore a little trivial doesn’t it?