As I'm writing this, it has begun to snow.  I couldn't be happier really.  I love weather, good, bad or otherwise.

But it's bad weather that really has me hook, line and sinker.  That's part of why I moved to Montana from South Dakota, in the first place.  I thought that (not knowing what I do now) that the Billings area, had extreme weather.  Lots of snow, rain, etc..

Tara Nicole-parents house in South Dakota Winter of 2009.

Well, we haven't had an overload of snow in the area for a few years and last year was the mildest I've seen here in 10 years. But I think the winds of change are going to be blowing in more snow than we've seen in a very long time.  I have no proof, other than the weird weather we've seen so far this year and throughout some of the previous ones.  But I would almost put money on it.

What are the extreme weather patterns you've noticed in Montana over the last decade or two?