If you've never been up to the Cat Country studios on the 23rd floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, you're missing out on the wildest ride in town.  Taking the elevator up to the top can be a real adventure.  Evidently, the trip was a little too turbulent for one passenger because it one of the elevators reeks of vomit.

Mark and Paul noticed the stench yesterday, when they shared an elevator ride after the show.  This morning, wouldn't you know it.  Out of the six available elevators in our building, they both got stuck on the recently puked in elevator and it still stinks.

Have you seen those Febreze commercials where they blindfold people in a dirty room and it still smells like potpourri?  There's not enough Febreze in the world to quell the stench of vomit.  It was so bad that Paul actually got nauseous just thinking about it.