Why do we spend tax dollars on frivolous things? At least in our minds they are.Up in Bozeman they have secured 2.8 million of your tax dollars through the federal land access program to put in a two mile bike path that will link Bozeman’s main street systems to a mountain trail system up in that area to further connect trails to the Gallatin national forest. It’s great that the pathway will provide a safe separate trail for bike and pedestrian traffic off of highway 86, which is the primary route that connects Bozeman to the Bridger Mountains.

Isn’t it great folks that we have 2.8 million extra tax dollars available for a bike trail and they are cutting our U.S. Military programs? They’re cutting an aircraft carrier, cutting military pay, cutting air traffic controllers up there - but we have 2.8 million dollars for a bike trail!

You’d think that with all the things we’re cutting, and all the other priorities, important things that affect national security and peoples’ lives, we would decide that 2.8 million needs to go for a bike path. 

And for the record, we are all for safety, but I had better not ever see another bike on my highway!