Here's one of goofiest group think, political correctness run wild stories I think I have ever heard.  Easter Sunday is coming in a little more than a week.  In Seattle a high school teenager volunteering at an elementary school wanted to give the kids Easter Eggs filled with candy.  When she asked permission, she was told she could not.  After some discussion in was determined she could use Spring Spheres instead for the candy.

Spring Spheres

Yep, Spring Spheres the new politically correct term for Easter Eggs.  Now it's the same thing just called by a different name.  Spring spheres filled with candy for the kids.

The Seattle school board says they haven't been able to confirm whether the incident actually happened or was just an urban legend.  But if you've seen or heard of the goofy things the state of Washington does, particularly the Seattle area, I'm not surprised.

What I know to be true is a 16 year old high school student named Jessica called a Seattle radio station   that she could not give that Easter eggs to a third grade class.  She was told she could pass out spring spheres.

Political Correctness Gone Crazy

Is this another example of political correctness run amok?  I wonder how the Easter Bunny feels about delivering spring spheres.  And the chickens?

Way until they get a hold of Christmas.  Oh, wait.  They already have.  Happy Spring Spheres day in advance.