This morning, the Flakes got a call from a lady with an interesting story about the stormchasers flocking to Billings to cash in on the recent hail storm.  According to her, a group of vans moved into the office next door to her.  The first thing they did was put Montana plates on their vehicles.

As the stormchasers spread all over town like ants, keep in mind, even the vans with Montana plates might not be local.  Mark and Paul are just hoping they'll be done with us soon, because it's almost impossible to find a parking spot at the Crowne Plaza Hotel that's not already occupied by a white van with a ladder on it.

That's just another reason why Mark knows the people who work on his vehicles by name.  He's not gonna put his truck in the hands of some out of towner who just set up shop on a street corner, even if it is $7 cheaper.