You may know Stran Smith as a world class calf roping champion but he's much more. He's an inspiration to anyone who's ever had a major setback in life. Early in his career Smith used to rope 200+ pound calfs as easily as you and I drive to work. But in 2003, on a typical day when he was preparing for roping practice, Stran noticed he was slurring his words. Later, Smith found out that he had had a stroke caused by a hole in his heart... a congenital defect. He was put on Coumidin, which a blood thinner, which would take him off the rodeo circuit for what seemed like an eternity but by 2005 he was back and ranked #4 in his sport. Not many people get to live their dreams. Even fewer live their dream, get it taken away and come back from tragedy. All this and he is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet which I had the pleasure of doing during our live broadcast today at Shipton's Big R. Stran's story should give us all a new perspective on life.